S4Game Project Seminar / Webinar
Multiplier Event (E4) – S4Game: call for participants – Hungary

On June 25th, 2021, at the George Berci Surgical Training and Research Laboratory (Herceghalom), a Multiplier Event (E4) – S4Game: call for participants – Hungary have been organized. Altogether 22 participants were attended to this “in person” event, mostly traumatological-, surgical- and gynaecologist residents from the hospitals and clinics of Budapest.
After the presentation of the project’s main goals, the S4Game Handbook and the S4Game Serious Game were described and all medical cases have been introduced with their educational purposes. In the second half of the multiplier event, attended participants could try the current version of the S4game serious game in both VR and desktop version.
Overall participants enjoyed the S4Game serious game, they really liked the dialogues and felt the cases very realistic. Participants found the improvement interesting and a modern, proper way for improving soft skills.