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e-Learning serious game for surgical skills training: Kheiron Training System

The main objective of KTS project is to design, to develop and to validate a serious game and the supporting material in order to provide medical students and (novel) surgeons with an innovative ICT-based approach for training basic key psychomotor skills in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The KTS serious game will be based on existing training tasks accomplished in a training box (denominated “box-trainer”) so surgical skills training process will be enhanced through ICT. The results of the project will be in English and in the languages of the consortium partners to tailor the serious game to the different linguistic needs and increase its acceptance. Therefore with this multilateral project, innovative ICT-based contents, services, pedagogies and practices will be developed in the field of psychomotor surgical skills training within an EU approach. This will lead to the fact that medical students and (novel) surgeons will be provided with an ICT-enhanced training system based on serious games that will cut across traditional in-site training systems including open and distance learning and open educational resources. With the KTS project, medical students will have an earlier access to surgical training and (novel) surgeons will be able to train more hours without moving to specialized training centres, thus not only reducing time and costs, but also allowing for a more flexible approach to their training. Additionally, efforts will be made to introduce the serious game in the surgical training curricula.