S4Game Project Seminar / Webinar
Multiplier Event (E5) – S4Game: call for participants – Portugal

It took place on July 2nd, 2021, at the Polytechnic Campus (Portalegre), the “Multiplier Event (E5) – S4Game: call for participants – Portugal”.
This event, which took place in a “hybrid” concept (“in person” / “online”) in the form of, respectively, Seminar and Webinar, was attended by a total of 38 participants (20 in person and 16 online), mostly professionals from North Alentejo Local Health Unit (Associate Partner of the S4Game Project).
In addition to the general presentation of the S4Game Project and its scientific production (Handbook of Soft Skills Training using Virtual Reality and Serious Games for Surgical Teams in the Operating Room / Serious Game: S4Game), 16 of the participants also successfully tested and evaluated the current version of S4Game.
Only the PC version of S4Game was used, due to institutional indications to avoid sharing equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic period, therefore the use by different people of virtual reality glasses was obviously not recommended.
Overall, this event took place in a very satisfactory manner, both for the organizers and for the participants, constituting an interesting moment for sharing experiences and knowledge, enriching the professional paths of all those involved.