“Multiplier Event (E1) – Importance of soft skills training of surgical teams. Can be virtual reality and serious games used? (Stakeholder Event)” was organised on August 24th, 2021,
at the 2nd Department of Internal Medicine – Gastroenterology of Faculty Hospital in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. This event was held in person following all Covid-19 countermeasures and rules.

About 15 relevant stakeholders from different places in the Czech Republic attended
the event. These included Hradec Králové Higher Vocational Medical School; Centre
for Investment, Development and Innovation; Technological Centre Hradec Králové; South Bohemian Science and Technology Park, České Budějovice; University Hospital in Hradec Králové; Faculty of Informatics and Management of University of Hradec Králové; Faculty
of Health Studies of University of Pardubice, and a private company, the Virtual Lab. There were more stakeholders addressed and interested, but they were not available at the given day.

Firstly, the S4Game presentation was prepared for the audience. Then, the game was shown and a few interested participants tried it using the VR glasses. Finally, a very fruitful discussion and rich networking was experienced. This informal and beneficial part of the afternoon event lasted more than 90 minutes. Therefore, the event can be considered successful.

Moreover, the further arrangements were agreed including the negotiations about the usage of the outputs and the presentations for the interested teams from various companies
and universities, i.e. Insomnia Production, s.r.o., or Pedagogical Faculty of University of Hradec Králové.